Teikyo-Harvard Program
Prof. Kenneth Rothman  来日講演
Modern Epidemiologyの著者として有名なKenneth J Rothman教授(ハーバード大学客員教授・ボストン大学教授)によるEpidemiology: An Introductionの日本語版出版を記念して、Rothman教授の講演を中心にした、Teikyo-Harvard Seminar を行うことになりました。
日時: 2004年 8月6日(金曜日) 2時-5時
場所: 帝京大学医学部




Epidemiology; An introduction

Prof. Kenneth Rothman & Eiji Yano
May 2004 in Newton MA

〒173-8605 板橋区加賀2-11-1


Prof. Kenneth J Rotmanの略歴はこちら

Rothman教授からのメッセージ (日本語)
Dear Reader,

 It has been my good fortune to have recently visited Japan, and I was pleasantly surprised not only by the vibrance of the people and the land, but also by the vibrance of epidemiologic research in Japan. Gradually Japan is asserting a stronger role in the field of epidemiology, and will likely be a major locus for epidemiologic research in years to come.
 In today's world, distances are shrinking while the pace of change is increasing. Together these trends foster the introduction of new health threats and exacerbate old ones, which will continue to challenge our health and societal resources. We must prepare ourselves to meet these challenges. This introductory epidemiology text is my attempt to bring the basic concepts of epidemiology to a broader audience, among whom will be those who will have to face the epidemics to come.
 My favored approach has always been to rely on straightforward methods in study design and data analysis to tackle epidemiologic problems. For that reason, I emphasize the basic approaches to epidemiologic research, rather than relying on unnecessarily complicated designs or mathematical models that often befuddle both investigators and readers. I have noted that in many epidemiologic curricula, students are taught to use multivariable models before they have even a rudimentary understanding of basic epidemiologic measures, such as rates and risks. Here my aim has been to introduce students to basic concepts, use them to guide the design and analysis of epidemiologic studies, and bestow the reader with the insights needed to evaluate the suitability of more complicated and potentially dubious approaches. I hope that the readers of this text, among whom may be both the next generation of epidemiologists in Japan and those who will be working alongside them in related fields, will find that it provides a firm foundation of useful concepts and methods.
 This summer I will be participating in the Teikyo-Harvard Seminars at Teikyo University School of Medicine, to mark the publication of the Japanese edition of Epidemiology :An Introduction. I hope that the seminar, along with the translation of this book, will strengthen the collegial bonds among epidemiologists in Japan and elsewhere.

Kenneth J. Rothman
Newton, Massachusetts
June 21, 2004

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