Teikyo Harvard Program帝京-ハーバードプログラム

(1) About Teikyo-Harvard Program

The Teikyo-Harvard Program, established in 1993, links Teikyo University in partnership with Harvard University. This collaboration seeks to advance the study of biomedical sciences and health in Japan, the United States, and the world.

Elements of the Program include:

・Collaborating in academic activities in public health and medical sciences
in Asia and the Pacific region

・Co-sponsoring international symposia

・Providing graduate courses on public health and medical sciences in Teikyo University
taught by Harvard faculty

・Supporting the annual HSPH students’ Japan Trip

・Supporting the Okinaga Visiting Professors, and fostering faculty exchanges
between HSPH and Teikyo University

・Supporting the Teikyo University Okinaga Laboratories at HSPH


Teikyo-Harvard Agreement was signed by President Shoichi Okinaga from Teikyo University and President Neil L.Rudenstein from Harvard University for academic collaboration between the two universities in 1993.

Harvey Fineber, Dean and Professor of Harvard School of Public Health and President Shoichi Okinaga from Teikyo University.

Under the program, young scientists had been selected as Teikyo-Harvard Fellows and trained in Harvard University.
The young scientists now play very active roles globally in public health.

President Yoshihito Okinaga from Teikyo University and President Drew Gilpin Faust from Harvard University
(19 March 2010, Tokyo)

President Yoshihito Okinaga from Teikyo University and Dean Julio Frenk Harvard School of Public Health.
(October 2010, Boston)

Vice Dean David Hunter Harvard School of Public Health visited Teikyo University; the program is extended to 2023.

Summary of Teikyo-Harvard Program is available in English from here.

(2) Teikyo-Harvard Symposium

We have held international symposia on public health 10 times in Japan, US, and UK.
We are planning the 11th symposium as comming next one.

  Year Location Theme
1st Oct 1994 Tokyo Environment, Health, and Medical Care for the 21st Century
2nd Oct 1996 Boston Health and the Work Environment
3rd Oct 1998 Tokyo Evaluation in Medicine and Health Care:
Toward Evidence Based Medicine
[Further information]
4th Sep 2000 Cambridge, US Aging and Health; Environment, Work and Behavior
5th Sep 2002 Cambridge, UK Genetic Science, Policy and Public Health
6th Apr 2006 Boston, US Preventing Disasters and Minimizing Their Consequences
7th Jun 2009 Tokyo The Healthy Hospital: Maximizing the satisfaction of patients, health workers, and the community
8th Jul 2012 Durham, UK The Roles of the Doctor: Past, Present and Future
9th Sep 2014 Boston, US Training the next generation of public health leaders
[Further information]
10th Sep 2016 Tokyo Creating a healthy future with competent professionals

The 7th symposum was held at new buildings of
Teikyo University Itabashi campus in 2009.

The 9th symposium was held at Harvard University in 2014.
Venue: The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School.

Members of Teikyo SPH and schools of medicine/public health in Asia.
This photo was taken in fron of the Harvard Medical School

Pictures during the 9th symposium.

The 10th symposium was held at Teikyo University Itabashi Campus in September, 2016.
We invited distinguished professionals in public health areas as speakers for this symposium.

Chairpersons for Plenary symposium 1 on health professional education:
Prof Myongsei Sohn, Yonsei University (President of APACPH) and Prof Eiji Yano, Teikyo University.

Dr Pascal Zurn, World Health Organization

Prof Ichiro Kawachi, Harvard University

Prof Kenji Shibuya, The University of Tokyo

President Yoshihito Okinaga, Teikyo University

Chairpersons for Plenary symposium 2 on health professional education:
Prof Yoshinori Nakata, Teikyo University and Prof Low Wah Yun, University of Malaya (Vice-president of APACPH)

Assoc Prof Andrew Farmery, Oxford University

Vice-president Keizo Inoue, Teikyo University

Prof Bruce Richard Maycock, Curtin University

Prof Hideki Hashimoto, The University of Tokyo

Chairpersons for Plenary symposium 3 on education at SPH:
Prof Indika Karunathilake (University of Colombo, Vice-president of APACPH) and President Kazuya Niimura (National Institute of Public Health)

Prof Peter Berman, Harvard University

Prof Murray Mittleman, Harvard University

Prof Wanicha Chuenkongkaew, Mahidol University

Assoc Prof Mariko Inoue, Teikyo University

Chairpersons for Plenary symposium 4 on universal health coverage:
Prof Yasuki Kobayashi (The University of Tokyo) and Prof Augustin Kusumayati (University of Indonesia)

Dr Ke Xu, World Health Organization

Prof Masamine Jimba, The University of Tokyo

Vice-dean Prof Peiyu Wang, Peking University

Dr Osamu Kunii, The Global Fund

(3) Harvard Special Sessions

Every January, Teikyo University has invited five professors from Harvard University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and Durham University to provide intensive courses of lectures for our graduate program of public health.

We welcome and look forward to having participants from various countries.

For more details, please visit special webpages for Harvard Special sessions here.

Previous special website for Harvard Special Session before 2017 is still active but will be closed.

(4) Teikyo-Harvard Seminar

We have given seminars on public health.

Year Location Lecturer/Theme
1993 USA President Shoichi Okinaga
"Public Health in Japan: Its Achievements and Future Problems"
1995 Japan Dean Daniel C. Tosteson (HSM)
"The New Pathway Program In Harvard Medical School"
1995 USA Prof. Eiji Yano
"Occupation Health in Japan: Karaoke, Karoshi, Kenko-Kanri"
1996 USA Prof. Tomoko Fujii
"Transgenerational effects of chemicals"
1997 Japan Prof. Joseph D. Brain
"Respiratory Physiology and Medicine"
1998 USA Prof. Junichi Suzuki
"Hearing Impairments in Developing Countries"
2000 USA Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, Prof. Yukio Yamori
"Nutrition, physical activity and way of life in successful aging"
2001 Japan Prof. Joseph D. Brain, Yukio Yanagisawa, et al.,
"Health Effects of Air Pollution"
2002 Japan Prof. Ichiro Kawachi
"Social Epidemiology"
2003 Japan Prof. Philippe Grandjean et al.,
"Shall We Stop Eating Fish due to Mercury?"
2004 USA President Hiroo Imura (Kyoto University)
"Opening Frontiers in Biosciences: Japan's Strategy for Promoting Sciene and Technology"
2004 Japan Prof. Kenneth J Rothman
"Epidemiology: What is causation?"
2005 Japan Prof. Arthur J Barsky
"The diagnosis and treatment of hypochondriasis"
2006 Japan Prof. Kenneth J Rothman
"Epidemiology: Types of Epidemiologic Study"
2007 Japan Prof. Kenneth J Rothman
"Epidemiology: Random Error and the Role of Statistics"
2008 Japan Prof. Arthur J Barsky
"The diagnosis and treatment of hypochondriasis (2)"
2009 Japan Prof. Ichiro Kawachi
"Is precarious work damaging to health"
2010 Japan Prof. Kenneth J Rothman
"Epidemiology: Controlling confounding by stratifying data"
2012 Japan Prof. Mike Yohtaro Yoshino
"The Mission and role of the professional schools in the higher education in America: The case of Harvard University"
2012 Japan Prof. Ichiro Kawachi
 “Japanese longevity - Is it more than the Tofu?”
2013 Japan Prof. Ichiro Kawachi
 "The role of social capital in resilience after disaster"
2013 Japan Prof. David Hunter
"The internet, interdependence, and public health education in the 21st century"
2014 Japan Prof. Ichiro Kawachi
“Education for Competent Health Professionals leading Tomorrow’s Health Systems (Case of Harvard DrPH)”
2015 Japan Prof. Ichiro Kawachi
"Understanding recovery in Tohoku area by social epidemiology"
(in Teikyo-Harvard Program Spinoff Session 2015:
"Long-term recovery and resilience---Lessons learnt from the Great East Japan Disaster")

(5) Okinaga Laboratory

Teikyo University Okinaga Laboratory is located at the building 2 of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Unveiling ceremony

President Yoshihito Okinaga visited the lab with Prof Eiji Yano, Assoc Prof Kenzo Takahashi, Assoc Prof Mariko Inoue in 2014.

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