Marketing Public Health
~A Frontrunner of the School of Publisc Health~

Teikyo University Graduate School of Public Health (Teikyo SPH) established a professional degree program in April 2011. A doctoral degree in Public Health (DrPH) has been offered since April 2014 in addition to the Master’s in Public health (MPH). Teikyo SPH, one of Japan’s first independent graduate schools of public health, has led the fellow institutes for the last decade.

Teikyo SPH offers some distinctive features (1)matching international standards of SPH through collaborations with Harvard University and other educational entities in five core domains: epidemiology, biostatistics, occupational and environmental health, health policy and management, and social and behavioral science; (2)a problem-based approach to the training of change agents capable of resolving global, social, and organizational problems in real settings; and (3)competency-based education required for the education of the 21st century health professionals. We have enhanced our program with supplemental educational initiatives such as Harvard special lectures delivered by overseas scholars, international summer school, graduate social medicine specialist programs with the Teikyo Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (T-COEH).

We discharge numerous functions; however, ”marketing public health” remains the paramount mission of Teikyo SPH. Specifically, we aim primarily to widely promote and disseminate public health awareness and applications through education on prevention and hygiene (marketing public health behaviors), promoting public policies to support community health (marketing public health policies), and encourage research in public health and healthcare (marketing public health research). We also intend to improve educational systems to enrich advanced public health competencies in public health professionals (marketing public health education), to boost public health professionals (MPH, DrPH) in various fields of public health, and to expand the fields where they can work (marketing public health professionals).

We, the public health professionals in Japan and the world, currently confront numerous challenges. These challenges have been changing over time and demand complex solutions. We will continue to evolve and to operate as a leading school to foster change agents who can respond to present and prospective challenges.


Beyond the Crisis, Change and Challenge for the Next Decades
(Added on March 3, 2022)
Teikyo SPH celebrates its 10th anniversary in FY2020. Coincidentally, with the COVID-19 pandemic from two years ago, people around the world and public health faced a major crisis that required us to make many changes. Teikyo SPH will continue to challenge and change as we move through this major crisis and into the next decade and beyond.


Dean: Yoshiharu Fukuda, MD,Ph.D
Teikyo University Graduate School of Public Health