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About Harvard Special Sessions

Every January, Teikyo University has invited five professors from Harvard University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and Durham University to provide intensive 4-days courses of lectures for our graduate program of public health since 2012 when the school program commenced. The courses cover five core frames required by the Council of Education for Public Health: Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Environmental Health Sciences, Health Policy and Management, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.

As the abridged version of the lectures of Harvard School of Public Health, the certificates authorized by professors of both Teikyo and Harvard University are issued to students upon completion of these courses. This special session is a part of academic collaborations which both institutes have continued since 1993. The past eight sessions attracted students from the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asian countries including Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, and China, and they brought a global atmosphere to classroom. We welcome and look forward to having participants from various countries.

Participation style

There are two options to participate in the courses: (1) Registering for academic credit at Teikyo University, (2) Auditing the course (registration a class without earning credit). We welcome people from various countries/regions who want to master public health.
From Harvard Special Session 2017, regarding participation style, in addition to "credits" and "audit", "one day participation" has been adopted.

8th Harvard Special Session (HSS 2019)

The 8th Harvard Special Session was at Teikyo University, Tokyo in January 2019.
The details are announced at webpage for Harvard Special Session 2019 here.
The photos on the session can be found our Facebook page (in Japanese).

Time schedule of the 8th Harvard Special Session

Jan 9 (wed) to 12 (sat), 2019
Professor Garrett Fitzmaurice (Harvard University)
Syllabus : PDF

Jan 13 (sun) to 16 (wed), 2019
Professor Murray Mittleman (Harvard University)
Syllabus : PDF

Jan 17 (thu) to 20 (sun), 2019
Health Policy and Management:
Professor Alastair Gray (University of Oxford)
Syllabus : PDF

Jan 21 (mon) to 24 (thu), 2019
Environmental / Occupational Health:
Adjunct Professor Philippe Grandjean (Harvard University)
Syllabus : PDF

Jan 25 (fri) to 28 (mon), 2019
Behavioral Science / Social Epidemiology:
Professor Ichiro Kawachi (Harvard University)
Syllabus : PDF
* Prof Kawachi's lecture will be held at Itabashi Campus from 1st to 3rd days, and Kasumigaseki Campus for last (4th) day.

First annoucement: PDF

7th Harvard Special Session (HSS 2018)

The 7th Harvard Special Session was held at Teikyo University, Tokyo in January 2018.
Special webpage for Harvard Special Session 2018 is open.

- Second announcement for Harvard Special Session 2018

Invited professors during 2012-2019 (1st to 8th sessions)

Every year at Teikyo University, invited professors from world top universityies including Harvard University, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and Durham University, have given 4-days lectures covering five core areas of public health. Professor Kenneth Rothman (Boston University), authority in epidemiology, also kindly gave an intensive lecture at Itabashi Campus for this special session.

Epidemiology Biostatistics Behavioral Science / Social Epidemiology Health Policy Management Environmental / Occupational Health
2012 Julie Buring Kenneth Stanley Ichiro Kawachi Norman Daniels Douglas Dockery
2013 Julie Buring Nan Laird Ichiro Kawachi Norman Daniels Peter Baxter
2014 Kenneth Rothman Nan Laird Ichiro Kawachi David Hunter Douglas Dockery
2015 Martin Burton /
Andrew Farmery
Marcello Pagano Ichiro Kawachi Martin Burton /
Andrew Farmery
David Christiani
2016 Effrossyni Gkrania-Klotsas Marcello Pagano Ichiro Kawachi Alastair Gray Stefanos Kales
2017 Murray A. Mittleman Garrett Fitzmaurice Ichiro Kawachi Alastair Gray Rose Goldman
2018 Murray A. Mittleman Garrett Fitzmaurice Ichiro Kawachi Alastair Gray Rose Goldman
2019 Murray A. Mittleman Garrett Fitzmaurice Ichiro Kawachi Alastair Gray Philippe Grandjean

Webpages for past sessions

- Harvard Special Session 2019
- Harvard Special Session 2018
- Harvard Special Session 2017
- Harvard Special Session 2016
- Harvard Special Session 2015
- Harvard Special Session 2014
- Harvard Special Session 2013
- Harvard Special Session 2012

For more details on past Harvard Special Sessions before 2018, please visit our previous special website from here.


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