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One of the two major annual global events open to public, Teikyo International Summer School has been closed successfully in July 2019. The rest, Harvard Special Session has closed with success in January, 2020. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will announce the forth coming events.


  • Harvard Special Session

    17 December 2021
    The 10th Harvard Special Session will be held in January, 2022.

  • News

    1 May 2021
    Graduation ceremony for 2020 has been successfully held on 21 March, 2021 at Itabashi Campus, Tokyo.

    Details are here (in Japanese).

  • Publication list

    1 May 2021
    Publication lists have been updated.

    2021 and 2020
  • MPH student

    1 May 2021
    Awarded at the 2nd JICA Innovation Quest

    On 7 March, 2021, Mr NISHIMURA Kenshi and his collegues received audience award at the 2nd JICA Innovation Quest hosted by JICA

    Details are here (in Japanese).

  • Global event

    1 May 2021
    Webinar with University of Southern California

    On 18 March, 2021, Teikyo SPH and Keck School of Medicine University of Southern California cohosted webiar on covid-19 and public health.

    Details are here (in Japanese).

  • MPH student

    1 May 2021
    MPH student, Dr TSUBOI Motohiro and his colleagues's work on the causes of deaths related to Great East Japan Earthquake was taken up by Kahoku Shimpo.

    The article is here (in Japanese).

  • Faculty member

    1 May 2021
    Dr SAKISAKA Kayako and colleagues published a book on activities at temporary houses after Great East Japan Earthquake.

    Details are here (in Japanese).

  • Students and faculty members

    Multilanguage leaflets on the flowchart after receiving a potive test of COVID-19 in Japan are published.

    Details are here

    Related article written by MPH student Ms SASAKI Manami is here (in Japanese).

  • Students and faculty members

    Hands-on-seminar on data management hosted by students

    On 30 January, 2021, data management seminar using SAS was hosted by students at Itabashi Campus.

    Details are here (in Japanese).

  • DrPH students and alumni

    1 May 2021
    Workds by students and alumni at Doctor of Public Health program were in part published at academic journals.

    〇Medical information
    Elkhaili El Alami LS, Nemoto A, Nakata Y.
    Investigation of users’ needs for their online access to electronic health records in Japan.
    Global Health & Medicine. 3(1): 37-43, 2021 [More information]

    Elkhaili El Alami LS, Nemoto A, Nakata Y.
    General patients’ expectations on online accessibility to their electronic health records in Japan.
    Global Health & Medicine. 2(3): 168-173, 2020 [More information]

    〇Community health
    Naganuma Y, Yamaoka K, Takahashi K.
    Relationship between social cohesion and the care burden of primary family caregivers in central Tokyo, Japan.
    Health Science Reports. 4: e238, 2021 [More information]

    Takei M, Takahashi K.
    Letter to the Editor on the Coordination of Discharge Service in Japan: Difficulty in Evaluation.
    Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 102(1): 163, 2021 [More information]

    Yamada T, Fukuda Y, 佐藤慎一郎, 丸尾和司, 中村睦美, 根本裕太, Takeda N, Sawada SS, Kitabatake Y, Arao T.
    日本公衆衛生雑誌, in press [More information]

    〇Clinical medicine
    Higa S, Ii Y, Nozawa K, Yamamoto Y, Ohwaki K, Asami Y.
    The relationships of annual health checkup with the subject’s subsequent behavior of cardiovascular risk management in a real-world setting in Japan: a retrospective cohort study on changes in antihypertensive drug prescription and blood pressure from 2015 to 2017.
    Drugs Real World Outcomes. 2021 [More information]

    Hirai T, Nemoto A, Ito Y, Matsuura M.
    Meta-analyses on progression-free survival as a surrogate endpoint for overall survival in triple-negative breast cancer.
    Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 181: 189-198, 2020 [More information]

    Ozaki A, Leppold C, Ohira H, Yamaoka K, Tsukada M, Tsubokura M, Kato S, Saji S, Nomura S, Tanimoto T, Morita T, Sawano T, Nakata Y.
    Breast cancer provider interval length in Fukushima, Japan, following the 2011 triple disaster: a long-term retrospective study.
    Clinical Breast Cancer. 20(2): e127-e150, 2020 [More information]

    〇Occupational health
    Ishida Y, Murayama H, Fukuda Y.
    Association between overtime-working environment and psychological distress among Japanese workers: A multilevel analysis.
    Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 62(8): 641-646, 2020 [More information]

    Amano H, Fukuda Y, Baden MY, Kawachi I.
    Is work engagement associated with healthier dietary patterns? A cross-sectional study.
    Journal of Occupational Health. 62: e12149, 2020 [More information]

    〇Global health
    Horiuchi S, Nakdouangma B, Khongsavat T, Kubota S, Yamaoka K.
    Potential factors associated with institutional childbirth among women in rural villages of Lao People's Democratic Republic: a preliminary study.
    BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth. 20(1): 89, 2020 [More information]

  • MPH students and alumni

    1 May 2021
    Works by MPH students and alumni are also published at academic journals.

    Midorikawa-Inomata A, Inoue M, Ishiguro A, Matsumoto S, Yamaoka K, Yano E.
    Associations Between Social Support and Subjective Symptoms in Disaster-Stricken Ishinomaki, Japan.
    Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, in press [More information]

    〇Clinical medicine
    Ezaka M, Tsukamoto J, Matsuo K, Kin N, Yamaoka K.
    Hyperlactatemia of dialysis-dependent patients after cardiac surgery impacts on in-hospital mortality: a two-center retrospective study.
    JA Clinical Reports. 6(1): 47, 2020 [More information]

    〇Health economics
    Watanabe Y, Noguchi H, Nakata Y.
    How efficient are surgical treatments in Japan? The case of a high-volume Japanese hospital.
    Health Care Management Science. 23(3):401-413, 2020 [More information]

    〇Behavioral science
    小笠原佑吏, 天野方一, 小川留奈, 福田吉治.
    大腸がん検診受診率向上のための適切な健康メッセージの検証 −クラスター無作為割付試験.
    日本健康教育学会誌. 28(1): 34-43, 2020 [More information]

    〇Medical education
    杉本九実, 福田吉治.
    産業精神保健, in press

  • Event

    1 May 2021
    Webinar on writing research papers in epidemiology

    On 8 January, 2021, a webinar on writing epidemiologic research papers was held with Japan Young Epidemiologists Network.

    Dr IMAMURA Fumiaki (University of Cambridge) kindly supported and gave a lecture from UK.

  • News

    6 February 2021
    New guide for TSPH has been published. Available from here.

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