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One of the two major annual global events open to public, Teikyo International Summer School has been closed successfully in July 2019. The rest, Harvard Special Session has closed with success in January, 2020. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and will announce the forth coming events.


  • News

    6 February 2021
    New guide for TSPH has been published. Available from here.

  • Publication list

    8 September 2020
    Latest publication list and the list 2019 have been updated.

  • Lessons learned from the course of Community Health

    23 July 2020
    Let’s Find Positive Deviance!

    “The solution you are looking for is actually hidden inside the community, not outside.
    Take off the lens you've been using and see the community's health problems with a different lens”

    Mr. Koichiro Watanabe, Representative of Network for Action Against Malnutrition, spoke to the students who participated in his lecture titled “"Behavioral changes and Positive Deviance in community health.” Only one-fifth students said they had heard about “Positive Deviance (PD)” before, but many students have understood the essence of the approach through a brainstorming session and group exercises.

    PD is an approach to behavioral and social change based on the observation that in every community there are certain individuals or groups whose uncommon behaviors and strategies enable them to find better solutions to problems than their peers, while having access to the same resources and facing similar or worse challenges.
    It is in contrast to the problem-solving approach, in which problems are identified and solutions are considered in a manner of mobilizing external resources to fill out the needs. It is clear from the case introduced in the lecture that PD is effective for sustainable development that is the crucial challenge for the problem-solving approach.

    In the lecture, Mr. Watanabe introduced his project implemented in 1995 as the first representative of the Vietnam office of Save the Children Japan (SSCJ) in collaboration with Save the Children in the United States, to improve malnutrition of children in northern rural areas of Vietnam. The students learnt about the specific steps of PD: identifying problems in the target community (step 1), “looking for children and households in PD (step 2), “identifying and analyzing PD behaviors” (step 3) , "Developing and implementing an action plan " (Step 4) and "Monitoring and evaluation with local initiatives" (Step 5).

    There are three main findings in the lecture.

    First finding is how to find the crucial behaviors potential to change community for better outcomes, from statistical data, i.e. PD is found neither in Mean nor Median, but it is at the end of the distribution curve.

    Secondly, it is important to carry out various qualitative surveys by skilled researchers so that the unique and ingenious behaviors of the target people can be identified.

    Lastly, a mindset change on the part of the external human resources that facilitate the process of solving the problems in the local communities. The common idea “the poor people is not capable of doing as we expect to” should be abandoned, by which leading local leaders to the decision to solve their problems by their initiatives would be realized.

    The introduced cases are about developing countries, but we can also find PD in our societies. For instance, one group of the students listed up several PD examples in the recent Corona disaster, including a karaoke box that rents out its rooms as a working space to individuals and a restaurant that started delivery services in cooperation with a taxi company.

    Look around your neighbors and colleagues, and you may find someone who are enjoying success without having specific skills and financial resources.

    Keiko Kita in DrPH Course

    (Photo 1) Group exercise

    (Photo 2) Presentation about the findings from the exercise

  • Activity of DrPH student

    29 June 2020
    DrPH student, Ms Hiroko Saitoh has been involved in the project to support smoking cessation for lung cancer patients as a project manager as a part of DrPH thesis project. The activities were introduced in Mainichi Shimbun. The article is here (in Japanese).

  • SPH Members

    18 June 2020
    Member pages have been updated.

  • Presentation by the SPH students, alumini and faculty members

    8 June 2020
    At the annual meeting of the Japan Society for Occupational Health, which was to be held in Hokkaido prefecture, the presentation by DrPH student, Dr Hoichi Amano was selected as the best young presentation award.

    Although this meeting was held online, several students, alumni, and faculty members were to present their research findings. OH and MPH alumni, Ms Kumi Sugimoto intended to present her findings from her MPH research project.

    Certificate of award:

  • Activity of SPH students and alumni

    8 June 2020
    MPH and DrPH students and alumni participated in the volunteer activities at Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan for data collection in the Cluster Response Team of the ministry.

    MPH student, Ms Yoshimatsu reports their activities over two months here (English follows Japanese)

  • Report from MPH student

    8 June 2020
    In Japan, the period from June 4 to 10 is a special week for tooth and oral health. MPH student Ms Goto, a dental hygienist, provided information on oral health here (in Japanese).

  • Report from MPH student

    8 June 2020
    Amid the pandemic of COVID-19, it is critically important to keep treatment for secondary or tertialy prevention.

    MPH student, Dr Niwayama provided information on osteoporosis treatment during the pandemic of COVID-19.
    The article is here (in Japanese).

  • Activity of faculty member

    8 June 2020
    Prof Kenzo Takahashi appered on TV (TV Asahi, [週刊ニュースリーダー]) on 23 and 30 May (Sat). He talked about the end of emergency in Japan and response to the 2nd wave of COVID-19.

    He also privoded information on vaccination in children, check-ups in infants and children, and utilization of maternal and child health handbook to SPH's Facebook in Japanese.

  • Activity of faculty member

    8 June 2020
    Dr Kuwahara won a best reviewer award 2019 from Japan Society for Occupational Health.

  • Output from SPH classes

    8 June 2020
    SPH students and faculty members developed a manual for an interium evaluation of data health plan.

    This manual targets national health insurance.

    The interium manual Ver.1-1 (PDF 1.7 MB)

  • Activity of DrPH alumni

    4 May 2020
    DrPH alumni, Dr Sayaka Horiuchi and her colleagues published a paper on the activity of the technical advisory group for the indicators and monitoring of child health organized by WHO and UNICEF in Lancet Child & Adolescent Health. Her work about effective coverage for child health was also published in Lancet Global Health.

    Strong et al., Child Health Accountability Tracking-extending child health measurement. Lancet Child & Adolescent Health. 4(4): 259-261, 2020 (Apr) [More information]

    Marsh et al., Effective coverage measurement in maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health and nutrition: progress, future prospects, and implications for quality health systems. Lancet Global Health. 8(5): e730-e736, 2020 (May)
    [More Information]

  • Activity of faculty member

    4 May 2020
    A research group for easy Japanese in medicine, of which Dr Hirono Ishikawa is a working member, published a movie for medical staff to explain about PCR testing for foreigners in Japan.

    1. Movie for testing of sars-cov-2

    2. Commentary about the movie (PDF)

    3. A questionnaire for testing written in easy Japanese
    ↓2. and 3. are available from the research group's website:

    Press release from Juntendo University

    Research group website https://easy-japanese.info/

  • Activity of faculty member

    4 May 2020
    A new book which Dr Satoru Kanamori partly wrote was published in Mminerva Shobo. The main theme of the book was social capital and health and welfare.

    The details are here (in Japanese).

  • Activity of faculty members and students

    4 May 2020
    Dr Kayako Sakisaka and her colleague translated the information on school management issued by CDC into Japanese.

    Dr Kenzo Takahashi commented about triage for covid-19 patients at hospitals in weekly magazines.
    週刊現代 and サンデー毎日.

    Dr Satoru Kanamori commented about ties in SPH's Facebook: here (in Japanese).

    Dr Kuwahara and his colleagues summarized characteristics of early confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Tokyo and discussed from a viewpoint of occupational health in the new journal issued by National Center for Global Health and Medicine, where special issue on covid-19 was released. He also published a paper on reduction of physical activity level and prolonged screen time during the covid-19 epidemic among Chinese children in Shanghai as a coauthor.

    Keisuke Kuwahara, Ai Hori, Norio Ohmagari, Tetsuya Mizoue.
    Global Health & Medicine, in press.

    Xiang M, Zhang Z, Kuwahara K.
    Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases, in press.

    Drs Yoshiharu Fukuda, Yoko Tsuda, and students have been involved in infection control at campus. Drs Fukuda, Mariko Inoue, Katsuhiko Shibuya and students have been involved in the infection control outside the campus.

  • Guidance for entrance 2021

    4 May 2020

    The guidance for prospective students will be held on July 18, 2020.
    We are closely monitoring the situation of covid-19 and the details including the schedule may change.

  • Activity of MPH alumni

    4 May 2020
    MPH alumini, Dr Hiroshi Murayama won the award for early career epidemiologist. Congratulations!

  • COVID-19

    4 May 2020
    DrPH alumni, Dr Sayaka Horiuchi and her colleagues made a document in Japanese based on the leaflet for healhty parenting during covid-19 pandemic issued by WHO and other organizations.


  • Activity of faculty member

    4 May 2020
    Professor Hirono Ishikawa commented on problems and potential solutions for commmunication about covid-19 to Mainichi Shimbun.
    https://mainichi.jp/articles/20200402/k00/00m/010/287000c (in Japanese)

  • Online guidance for students

    4 May 2020
    Annoucement about online guidance for students in April was sent to students.

  • Evemt postponed

    4 May 2020
    New year orientation on April 3, 2020 was postponed to April 9, 2020.

  • Member

    2 April 2020
    Dr Kazue Yamaoka has finished her job as professor as of March 31, 2020. She continues to involve in biostatistics education as adjunct professor. Dr Hideki Yamamoto has moved to Department of pharmacology. He continues to involve in SPH education.

    From April 1, Dr Satoshi Miyata (formerly at Tohoku University) started to work as professor in biostatistics. Dr Kentaro Kinjo in the department of emergency medicine has started to involve in SPH education as adjunct professor. Lastly, Dr Satoru Kanamori (formerly at Tokyo Women's Medical University) started to work as senior assistant professor in occupational health.

  • COVID-19

    27 March, 2020
    Kita-ku (or Kita city) in Tokyo and Teikyo University started to collaborate for infection prevention and control to fight against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and other diseases.

    Press release by Kita-ku, Tokyo: https://www.city.kita.tokyo.jp/koho/kuse/koho/hodo/press-releases/r0203/200327-2.html (in Japanese)

  • COVID-19

    27 March, 2020
    The second short article on wearing masks.

  • COVID-19

    27 March, 2020
    The first short article on wearing masks and COVID-19.

  • Activities of faculty members and students

    27 March, 2020
    MPH student Ai Kuroda, Drs Keisuke Kuwahara and Yoshiharu Fukuda published a letter on social distancing and social isolation during the outbreak of COVID-19 in Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease.

  • Activities of DrPH students

    16 March, 2020

    Egypt's enthusiasm for Japanese style education

    Did you know that Egypt currently has a hot eye on Japanese-style education?

    Under the Japanese ODA loan project “Egypt-Japan Education Partnership” signed by the Japanese and Egyptian governments in 2017, the Egyptian government aims to adopt characteristics of Japanese education to its entire education system for human resource development. Over five years, more than 2,500 Egyptians, including students, researchers, faculty and government officials who are mainly in the education and the health sector will study in Japan. Focuses of the health sector are 3 areas, i.e. hospital management, emergency care and nursing. In 2019, I conducted a participatory workshop on strategic planning in the “Hospital Management” course that Tokyo Women's Medical University was in charge.

    Here, let me introduce you on so-called “Short-term Program for Egyptian Medical Student” that was implemented in February 2020 as part of these efforts. The scholarship program, with purposes of learning cutting-edge medical technology and health care system in Japan, was realized with strong initiative of President of Egypt with his funds. This shows his Enthusiasm for the Japanese-style education system. 73 students from 18 medial universities throughout the country were selected through the national exam. Divided into two groups, they participated in one-week program each, where they not only attended lectures and technical training at partner universities, but also visited prestigious companies.

    In my workshop called “Logical Framework Approach,” the potential future leaders learned how to think logically to identify problems and consider the solutions. They also might have realized how important teamwork is through the group exercises.

    At Terumo Medical Planex, a training center and laboratory for medical professionals, where I was accompanied with the students, the students had valuable experiences such as simulating cardiovascular catheterization.

    Keiko KITA in the DrPH Program.

    Group work

    Mr Ayman Aly Kamel, Egyptian diplomat (left) and
    Prof. Dr. Hany A. El-Shemy, Cairo University (right)

    After the workshop

    At the hospital studio

    Simulation training

  • Teikyo-Harvard Symposium

    14 March, 2020
    On 2 October, 2019, the 11th TeikyoーHarvard Symposium was held at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.
    The main theme was "Comtemporary Issues in Public Health: Enhancing sustainable health system for universal health coverage in Asia and the world"

    After plenary lecture by Rifat Atun (Professor of the Department of Health Policy and Management / Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health), Dr.Sathirakorn Pongpanich (Dean and Professor, College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University), Dr Yoshinori Nakata, and Dr Mariko Inoue gave lectures on universal health coverage.

    The photos of the symposium are here.

  • Global collaboration

    14 March, 2020
    On 7 and 8 January, 2020, Dr Ekrem SAVAS, the head of Usak University visited Itabashi Campus and Utsunomiya Campus. Professor and Dean Yoshiharu Fukuda, Professor Yoshinori Nakata, and Associate professor Mariko Inoue participated in the meeting.

    The photos of the visit are here.

  • Publication list

    14 March, 2020
    Publication list in 2019 and 2020 has been updated.

  • Harvard Special Session 2020

    28 January, 2020
    The 9th Harvard Special Session in Tokyo has successfully closed. We are truely greatful to professors from US and UK, and participants from various regions of Asia. We are planning to hold the 10th Harvard Special Session, covering five core areas of public health in Tokyo next year. We are looking forward to seeing you at next sessions and future collaborations!

  • Harvard Special Session 2020

    14 January, 2020
    Classroom has changed to Room 210, 2nd floor of main buidling at Itabashi Campus for the course of social epidemiology and behavioral science by Prof Ichiro Kawachi (Jan 19-22).

  • Activity of faculty member

    11 January, 2020
    Dr Kuwahara published a paper on commuting mode and weight gain over 5 years; the press release by National Center for Global Health and Medicine is here (in Japanese).

    The findings appeared in major newspapers including Yomiuri Shimbun, THE SANKEI SHIMBUN, Mainichi Shimbun, local newspapers, and digital media.

  • Harvard Special Session 2020

    8 January, 2020
    The 9th Harvard Special Session has started. Latest information can be found via our SNSs.

  • Activity of SPH student

    7 January, 2020
    MPH student, Ms. Yamasaki got a research funding for her project in Philippines. This is funded by the Supporting Organization of J.O.C.V. (Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers).
    The details are here (in Japanese).
  • Activity of faculty member

    7 January, 2020
    Dr Yoshiharu Fukuda gave lectures on health guidance, public health planning, and nudges for public.

  • Education at SPH

    7 January, 2020
    On 30 October 2019, some students visited Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) in Kasumigaseki as a course on global health. Dr Emi Inaoka, deputy director, Global Health Policy Division, International Cooperation Bureau, MOFA, gave a lecture on global health and diplomacy.
    The details of this story is here.

  • Activity of SPH student

    7 January, 2020
    MPH student, Dr Ezaka gave a presentation in Germany.

    Ezaka M, Tsukamoto A, Matsuo K, Tomioka T, Yamaoka K, Nemoto A, Matsuura M, Kin N.
    Hyperlactatemia after cardiac surgery impacts on hospital mortality and prolonged ICU stay in dialysis-dependent patients: a multicenter retrospective study.
    32nd Annual Congress of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, 28 September-2 October 2019, Berlin (Germany)

  • World Diabetes Day

    7 January, 2020
    MPH student, Dr Nakanishi wrote an article on diabetes for World Diabetes Day on November 14: here (in Japanese).

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