Kazuhiro Ohwaki, MD, DMSc

Academic Year 2022 Courses
MPH courses
  • Essential Epidemiology
  • Clinical Epidemiology
  • Study Critique
  • Introduction to Clinical Medicine
DrPH courses
  • Seminar on Essential Epidemiology
  • Seminar on Clinical Medicine
  • Seminar on Clinical Epidemiology
  • Special Studies in Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Research topics
  • Stroke prevention and treatment
  • Obesity and its relationship to disease
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My message

In clinical practice, we are constantly having to make decisions on questions that may affect people’s lives without any proof. There are questions that can only be answered by collecting data from thousands or tens of thousands of people, but the results of studies conducted at multiple institutions, etc., in the pursuit of universality, are more varied and may not be the information that you are looking for in your own field. If you collect data on the patients you are facing and discover something from them based on your experience in the field, you may be able to use them as they are. And it should be useful to other physicians around the world who are seeing similar patients.

Clinical epidemiology is not necessarily limited to physicians and patients, but is a necessary discipline to clarify the “scientific truth” to answer various questions in the field of health care. Making new discoveries, even small ones, is very fascinating. And it is in public health that we can comprehensively learn various things from a practical aspect that cannot be solved by pure science alone. I hope that people in a wide range of fields will take an interest in this field.