Yoko Tsuda, PhD

Courses in charge in AY2022

MPH courses
  • Risk Science
  • Introduction to Occupational and Environmental Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Occupational Health
  • Practical Training in Occupational and Environmental Health
DrPH courses
  • Advanced Industrial Environmental Health
  • Advanced Industrial Toxicology
  • Advanced Risk Science
  • Advanced Industrial Environmental Engineering
  • Advanced Environmental Health I
  • Advanced Environmental Health II
  • Advanced Industrial Health


Research Themes
  • Research on occupational health protective equipment (selection and use, respiratory protective equipment fitness, etc.)
  • Research on industrial hygiene technicians and corporate value creation
  • Research on the establishment of an industrial health system for small-scale workplaces
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From the days when “environmental health = the relationship between the environment and human health” was the mainstream, we are now in a major shift to one-health and planetary health. We must value the perspective of considering the health of the entire planet as well as the individual perspective of considering the health of each person, and create “a society in which all people can be active and age well (healthily). Isn’t that wonderful? Let’s learn and practice together through public health to help create such a society!