Health Policy and Management

What is Health Policy and Management?

Health policy and management is the study of identifying and implementing policies to protect population health; developing strategies to improve access, financing, organization, and delivery of preventive and curative health care services, particularly affecting the most vulnerable members of society; and identifying strategies to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of health care systems in addressing the most pressing medical and mental health problems. It is a discipline that studies the identification of strategies to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of health care systems in addressing health problems.

What we do in the field of Health Policy and Management

In this field, we are mainly engaged in practical activities. For example
 Research on the efficiency and productivity of healthcare
 Parent-child health care, school health care: Research on factors that reduce infant mortality in Japan, research related to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
 International health: Application of Human Security to community health, etc.
 Infectious diseases: Vaccine policy, regional strategy research on measles control, etc.
 Theoretical research on Global Health, SDGs/MDGs and Primary Health Care
 Field research on disaster management, water and sanitation, tropical diseases and community health in developing countries
 Research on mental health of conflict victims, disaster victims, refugees and immigrants
 Research on comprehensive suicide prevention
 Support and research on recovery from large-scale disasters
 Research on comprehensive community care and ICT (information technology) utilization in Japan and developing countries

Current projects
 Evaluation of Health Services and Analysis of Medical Costs, Local Employees Mutual Aid Association
 Development of international health teaching materials using Japan’s history of improvement in infant mortality
 Development of an effective intervention model by evacuation phase to prevent the isolation of vulnerable people after a large-scale disaster