Occupational and Environmental Health

What is Occupational and Environmental Health?

Occupational and Environmental Health is the field of research on the effects of workplaces and environments on human health. Specific issues include safety issues in workplaces and workplaces where hazardous substances are handled, and the physical and mental effects of diversified work patterns and employment due to technological innovation and changes in industrial structure. It also explores the underlying science and policies on issues such as sustainable cities, food systems, and climate change mitigation.

What we do in the field of Occupational and Environmental Health

In this field, we mainly engage in practical activities. For example
 Research on the significance of the existence of industrial nurses
 Research on health disparities by company size
 Research on workers’ health and workplace factors and productivity
 Research on occupational health protective equipment (selection and use, fitness of respiratory protective equipment, etc.)
 Research on the ecological effects of chemical substances
 Research on mental health measures in small-scale workplaces

Current projects

 Construction of intervention methods to promote behavioral change among class members and preparation of advisor sheets
 Health Service Social Implementation Project: Building a Collaborative Health Model for Corporate Collaboration
 Basic Research on Health Management of Cloud Workers: Elucidation of the Actual Conditions of New Employment Forms and Health
 Support for countermeasures against new coronaviruses in Kita Ward, Tokyo, based on the “Agreement on Support for Continuation of Operations of Public Health Centers in Kita Ward, Tokyo in the Event of an Outbreak of New Coronavirus Infections, etc.